WeFinance Service of TradeAider

What's TradeAider's WeFinance service?
It's advanced payment service to your Chinese suppliers.

We are pleased to announce that in addition to MyQC service, TradeAider's new service WeFinance is launched now. We sincerely hope that with the launching of WeFinance service TradeAider will provide you with a more comprehensive service for your business.

What's the value of WeFinance service?
Everybody needs good cash flow, whether yourself, your customers or your suppliers.
However very often, a good business deal can not be reached only because of the shortage of the cash flow, which is a big shame.

Through TradeAider's WeFinance service we can now help solving one of the biggest problems in doing international business---cash flow.

From now on, you can be able to place as many orders with your suppliers as you like, and your suppliers can accept your any orders with any open terms, whether it's 90 days, or 120 days,
or even longer. Since TradeAider will arrange advanced payments from the bank to your Chinese suppliers for you within as quickly as one week upon the shipment of the goods.
Why TradeAider?
Being the "National Model Platform of Sharing Economy", "Top Ten Influential Brands" in China, and strategic alliance partners of China's Six National Chambers of Commerce, TradeAider has established a strong strategic alliance partnership with the biggest banks, large insurance and guarantee companies in China.
Therefore, your suppliers (in Zhejiang Province only at this starting stage as mentioned above) can now receive advanced payment very soon after shipment, and the interests they pay to the bank will be very low, through the WeFinance service provided by TradeAider.
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