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Strategic Alliance with China Trade Association for Anti-counterfeiting ( CTAAC ) & SINOAC ( the platform under CTAAC )

What's the problem?

As a brand owner, you may suffer infringement of intellectual property right in China as follows:

Illegal extra quantity

Factories may produce extra quantities other than your order without your permission and selling in their own channel.

Illegal copy

Some people produce counterfeits of your brand.

What's the solution?

TradeAider inspectors conduct on-site factory independent trace to the source verification, select and seal test sample, send the sealing sample to the lab for testing, and supervise the labels to be applied to the products. Therefore any products without TradeAider Anti-counterfeit labels will be considered as counterfeits.

SINOAC is a third part information service platform under China Trade Association for Anti-counterfeiting and Office of the National Leading Group on the Fight Against IPR Infringe- ment and Counterfeiting. It is authoritative, impartial and credible.

How to do?

All products covered !

What's the benefits?

The consumer can then enjoy easy verification of your products just by a scanning of the label.

Your interests is protected, and your sales and profit will be greatly increased.

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