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  • In-line Inspection

  • Final Inspection

  • Factory Evaluation

  • Container Loading Supervision

The creative '4 Right' business model ensures ZERO corruption problem:

  • Right Persons
    Only strictly selected and well trained professional QCs with strong production background who specialize in different industry products be sent to the factories to find and solve the problems, in addition to inspect the goods.
  • Right Time
    At early and mid stages of production, so can find and solve the problems timely, rather than only at final stage to do a final inspection, which can be too late.
  • Right Place
    At the production lines, raw material mills, rather than only at the Finished Product Warehouse.
  • Right Thing
    TradeAider QCs only help to find and solve the problems, report the real situation to the clients, make independent sugges- tions, so that the clients can make decision by themselves, rather than having excessive power to make the judgement of "Pass" or "Fail".

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